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Jack talking about why he started Crickets and Mealworm

Press release

Glenning Valley’s Young Entrepreneurs Go Online

By Metro News Staff

Jack and William in the NewsJack and William Lumsden were only 7 and 5 years old, respectively, when they started Mealworms and Crickets as a hobby. The boys were passionate about lizards, and cared about feeding and saving them. They sought to raise their own stock of reptile food using their savings. They read up and studied so they could learn how to breed crickets and mealworms, despite their young ages.

They found success soon after. They raised enough food for their pet, and began selling the rest to friends and neighbors. In no time, they were selling at least a hundred packs of reptile food each week.

Jack and William took their next big step as young entrepreneurs by going online. Through, they reached out to the rest of Central Coast. Customers can now place their orders online. They can pick up their food themselves or have it delivered.

Unfortunately we currently have no crickets or mealworms available